Sunday, 9 October 2011

Email do Vice Ministro ao CIRH e FIRS

Afinal o nosso Vice Ministro da Juventude e Desportos Dr. Carlos Sousa (Dr. Cazé) é igualmente um Guerreiro Ngonhama!

Reprodução do email por si enviado ao Presidente do CIRH, Sr. Harro e restantes membros da FIRS, incluindo o seu Presidente:

Good evening Mr Harro.

Let me use some of your time to give some news from Mozambique, in particular from Maputo.

As you probably should know, from the 3rd to the 18th September, we held the X edition of the All African Games, in Maputo.

We received 5,600 athletes from 47 African countries, that competed in 20 different sport activities like handball, basketball, football, track and field, triathlon, chess, canoeing, sailing, judo, karate, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, sport for disabled, swimming, netball, beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, under the supervision from more than 4,000 referees, judges and officials from the respective 20 International and Continental Confederations, and with the cooperation of the International Olympic Committee, whose President was present for the Opening Ceremony, and awarded the President of the Republic of Mozambique with the prestigious IOC President's Prize. For the competitions and training sessions, we used 18 different venues, some of them were new constructions, and some were totally rebuilt to international standards. To transport all these athletes and officials, we used 120 brand new Hyundai Sonata and Elantra vehicles, 70 buses and 25 mini-buses, 15 ambulances, (among other logistical support from 6,000 volunteers) and the athletes were installed in 848 type 3 apartments, built as an Olympic Village. The officials, referees, Ministers and Confederation Presidents were lodged in our 5 different 5 stars hotels, and another 10 more 4 and 3 stars hotels. We conducted 160 anti-doping tests.

Just as an example only, I send you in annex some photos of the indoor Maxaquene Arena, which you know very well. In this arena we held the volleyball and basketball (both male and female) tournaments. I send you some photos of one of the final matches, on the final night of the Games, which was attended by more than 5,000 (five thousand) spectators.

Just to remember, this was the arena were the Roller Hockey World Championship should take place. Unfortunately, FIRS and CIRH did not believe in our capacities, nor even did you have the delicacy to visit us in advance, to understand and to see "on place", and with your own eyes, what were the Mozambique Government plan for the 40th World Roller Hockey Championship.

We are a fortunate and happy people, and we are very glad that our National Team is progressing to the quarterfinals in San Juan, as a "surprise gift" to some people. It is the proof of our self-esteem.

We really wish our dear friends from Argentina the best, and that the Championship may go in full triumph until the end.

I wish some day we'll be able to forget all the misery that your decisions, taken upon on us, provoked in our minds and lives. May God bless us all.

Best regards, sincerely yours,

Dr Carlos Sousa.

Deputy Minister for Youth and Sport


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